FutureWill Academy

About FWA

Welcome to FutureWill Academy, established in 2015 by Avnish kumar. FutureWill Academy is a leading institution in Motihari which helps students to achieve their dream of getting selected in Engineering Entrance JEE (Main & Advanced). FutureWill Academy has right blend of theoretical classes with microscopic details to develop comprehensive understanding of concept and their applications blended with periodic test to examine temperament as well as competitiveness.

Avnish kumar choose the name ‘FutureWill’ for the institute. Its first centre was started at Chandmari, Motihari, as preparatory institute for IIT-JEE, one of the toughest entrance examinations for admission is coveted engineering institutes, it also started medical wing simultaneously with the vision to provide education is an innovative and effective manner, where minimum efforts produce amazing result and overall success.

The initial focus of FutureWill Academy was to provide systematic practice based classroom/online coaching to students at Class IX,X, XI, XII & XII + aspiring to do well in IIT-JEE, NDA, Navy, Air-force, and Many more entrance examination and other Competitive/Scholastic Examinations. We believe that best learning takes place in a safe and calm environment.

FutureWill Academy work with the vision of providing quality career education for students with a full mix of academics, a stable and knowledgeable team of experts, a good and conducive learning environment, regular student performance evaluation, personal care. & attention to all readers. FutureWill Academy has a strong Education and Management team that can adapt to any changes that occur in the JEE pattern and any other competitive or entry tests.

Today, everyone wants to achieve something big in their life and FutureWill Academy is always with you in your mission.

Our Mission

FutureWill academy remains to serve the interests of all prospective 11th and 12th ARTS by providing professional integrity, quality standards and world-class education for them to succeed professionally in life. Led by exceptional teachers who inspire, we have developed processes, systems and modules which keep the progress of each student in check and regularly update our team to take necessary steps if there are any deviations in performance. The institute envisages bringing together the best practices that deliver quality knowledge solutions for all students.

Our Vision

FutureWill academy promises to enhance ARTS professional’s relevance, eminence and confidence by providing leadership qualities that helps one to support the functional breadth and technical depth required for this profession. The institute envisages bringing together the best practices that deliver quality knowledge solutions for all students. We believe that every student has the potential to excel & score great results however level of success in exam is determined by an ideal mix of 'teaching methodology', 'faculty profile', 'structured mentoring' & 'quality of study material'.